Tuesday, December 15, 2015

 Our little patriots are growing up

Regina, left, and Edom, right, are now 3 months old!

I am not a very good blogger, am I? It’s been a couple months since I posted updates on our little patriot Icelandics, born September 11 to Violette and Rook. They are three months old now, and have names and everything.

Little girl, aka Sister, is now known as Regina, her regal name springing from her registered name, Sonnet Purple Mountain Majesty of Ashwood. Brother now goes by Edom, short for Freedom, short for Ashwood McEremon Let Freedom Ring. Both took their names from patriotic songs, since they were born on a day that now is synonymous with Americans’ resilience and love for their country. Regina also is a shade of purple in honor of her dog mom, Violette, Grand Ch. McEremon Sonnet for the Rose.

She has great toy drive.

Regina says, "Hello!"

Both are now with co-breeder Donna Staton in Alabama. Edom is going to stay there and take to the show rings and set them ablaze, I am sure. But Regina is available and looking for a great home, preferably one where she can put some of her great work ethic and intelligence to use in agility, obedience, herding, dock diving, barn hunting, therapy work or any sort of activity where she can work in tandem with her person. 

I got to meet them on the weekend of December 12, and was really taken with this girl. She reminds me so much of her mom (who came home to Texas with me). Regina just lights up when a person comes into view. She wants to please you. She loves toys and chase games and picks things up quickly. She is the kind of dog who will excel at anything with positive training. 

If this sounds like your dream dog, please contact me, cindyjo122@yahoo.com, or visit Donna Staton’s Ashwood page on Facebook.  

Edom's face melts your heart.

Regina is happiest when she is busy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our first outdoor adventure

We are four weeks old now! We had our first venture out of the house and into the yard at Momma Donna's house in Alabama. The world is HUGE! A little scary at first, but then it was FUN!

:Wow! What is this stuff all over the ground?"

Staying close to familiar feet

"I think I will test my barking voice."

"I'm going to run."

"Mom is here.!"

"This is a lot of fun."

All tuckered out.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cuter than cute!

Little Sister is ready to climb out of her whelping box and into your heart.
Here is Violette's little girl, a little over three weeks old. Right now we just call her 'Sister.' She is looking for the perfect forever home. Maybe one where she can try her legs and skill at agility, obedience, herding, or any of the fun events open to active dogs. Mostly, though, she needs wonderful owners who will make her a treasured member of their family.

 Think of all the fun of choosing a perfect name and raising her as your own.

If you think you are interested, please contact me or Donna Staton for details. cindyjo122@yahoo.com

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pup update, Sept. 21

Mostly, a few new pictures. Our little patriots, as we are calling them, are now 10 days old. Fat little ticks, squirming around the milk bar. Momma Violette is lavishing attention - and food - upon them. We are waiting for baby eyes to open and see the world! 

Little girl has it all over her brother

Now the boy's head is on top. 

Side by side, bro and sis

Sept. 23 - Mom and her chunky hunky babies, 12 days old.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Violette is a mom!

Violette (McEremon Sonnet for the Rose) had two precious babies on the evening of Sept. 11. Everybody is doing fabulously - including her owners, me, AKC Breeder of Merit Donna Staton of Ashwood Keeshonden, Icelandics and Finnish Lapphunds, and Penny Kelley of McEremon Icelandics. We all survived the anxiety of waiting and hoping for a safe birth and healthy babies. 

We have two precious little ones - one boy and one girl - who look like they will be red sables, like Daddy Rook. They are five days old in these pictures and are growing like weeds already. 

I have to admit, I was wary at first about the prospects of Violette whelping on Sept. 11, a day marked by intense tragedy in this nation's history. But now, 14 years later, it has also become a day of renewal and soaring patriotism. We have been honored to welcome two little lives into the world, with all the hope and joy that accompanies these events.

Welcome to the world, little ones! 

Snuggling siblings. The girl is on top and boy beneath.

Fast asleep after a good lunch! The girl is the darker of the two.

Big yawn from little boy. 

Little girl  squirms. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Violette is gonna be a momma

The time is getting near!!

Violette is getting plump and last week decided she wanted to build a den in the corner of the yard. I guess this is what they mean when they say Icelandic sheepdogs are a "primitive" breed.

Momma Donna Staton brought her back inside and set up a cozy whelping box and den indoors, where it will be much safer for Vi to bring her babies into the world. The big arrival is about a week away and we are all getting excited. Well, Vi, Donna, me and co-owner Penny Kelly are excited. Not to sure what Daddy Rook thinks about it all.

Sharing the growing excitement here with a few photos and a pedigree.

Violette checks out the bed.

"This is nicer than under the woodshed. Five stars!"

The belly groweth

A five-generation pedigree

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A summer romance

Love is in the air at Ashwood Keep in Chancellor, Alabama. That is where my Icelandic sheepdog girl Violette - AKC Grand Champion McEremon Sonnet for the Rose - has been visiting with co-owner Donna Staton this year, and where she has had her first serious romantic fling, with AKC Champion Frostfyres Mesti Thorpari Hrokur. 

Puppies are expected in the middle of September. That is still quite a ways off, but we can hardly contain our excitement about this nice pairing that will produce sound, healthy, sweet-tempered offspring with great potential as AKC conformation and performance dogs, therapy dogs and gorgeous, devoted family pets. This will be the first Icelandic litter for Donna, who earned her AKC Breeder of Merit stripes with her first love, the Keeshonden breed. It will be my first AKC litter EVER. Violette's breeder and final co-owner, Penny Kelley, is an old hat at this, having bred a handful of Icie litters, but still she retains the excitement. 

There are many stars in this pedigree. Just to name a few, start with Violette's mom, Stella Rose, who was the first ever AKC champion in the breed (Ch. Valhalla's Heart O'Gold).She earned her title in just about two weekends after the breed gained full recognition in 2011. Her dad is AKC Ch. Foothill's Laki, whose first credentials came on the job, herding sheep at a working farm. Father-to-be Rook is a half-brother to Frostfyre's Roskur, winner of the 2014 Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America National Specialty. 

Both Vi and Rook have their AKC IT certificates and both love to herd; donkeys are fair game if there are no sheep around. 

Check out the Facebook page for Ashwood Keep. We will post updates and more photos here and on Facebook as things progress. You also can e-mail Donna at donnastaton47@gmail.com or me at cindyjo122@yahoo.com.

Violette herds her donkey friend, Eyore.

Violette at 6 weeks of age

Rook as a baby

Rook in 2014